Food & Drink Labels

Food & Drink Labels

We’ll help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. We have reels of experience in the food labelling industries and are always on hand to offer advice regarding materials, adhesives and print techniques.

Whether you are a small artisan food producer or a multi­national food manuf­ac­turer, we have the skills and equipment to handle each and every order that we are faced with. We produce labels for many kinds of food & drink products including:

  •     Meat labels
  •     Fresh produce labels
  •     Bakery Labels
  •     Beer & Wine bottle labels
  •     Sauces & Condiments labels
  •     Dairy Labels

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Your Perfect Food or Drink Label Is Just A Phone Call Away

The food & drinks industry is huge and new products are being added to the market every single day. This rapid market development means it is vital that your product can stand out amongst the crowd while also providing all the correct legal information. This balancing act can be tricky, you don't want to sacrifice one for the other, it's essential to have both. That's why you need a label company that has done this thousands of times before. 

At Lemur Labels, we can create any number of distinctive, eye-catching labels that have all the relevant information clearly presented in just a fraction of the time of our competitors. Our advanced printing machines mean we can provide you with your dream product labels in just 3-5 days. This superfast lead time means your product will be on the shelves before your competitors.

Our printers can print on a variety of different materials from space-age holographic materials to Bellum paper, clear plastic, matt plastic and gloss white paper. 

If you're after a label printing service that can get you the label of your dreams and is located in a variety of cities across the UK from Glasgow and Cardiff right through to Manchester, London or Liverpool then give Lemur Labels a call today!

The Law Surrounding Food & Drink Labels

Food & drink label production requires a great deal of information to be provided so that the consumer has all the information required to make an informed decision about the product. In 2011, the European Food Information Regulation came into force, this new regulation looked to tie up the existing legislation about food & drink custom labels while ensuring it encompassed other recent developments in food information. Further to this, the legislation was enacted to help consumers by simplifying certain aspects of the information displayed on custom labels.

During your label production, it is vital that your custom labels are compliant with the law. If mislabelling on your printed labels is found to have been done it is considered a crime, whether the product poses a threat or not.

If you’re unsure about whether your label is compliant or not, have no fear. Our team will gladly proof your labels with a qualified eye so you can feel confident you’re not breaking the law.

So, with the law established, let's look at what actual things you'll need to ensure are on your new set of custom printed labels and other pieces of product packaging before you sell to customers.

Information Required on Food & Drink Labels

Custom labels and other custom printed labels for food & drink can be split into pre-packed food and non-pre-packed food. Foods that are pre-packed require food custom labels that display mandatory information and further to that, certain foods are controlled by specific regulations related to the type of product they are. These are:

  • Foods containing a genetic modification

  • Irradiated Food

  • Sugars

  • Spreadable Fats

  • Natural Mineral Water

  • Meat products

  • Jams

  • Infant formula

  • Honey

  • Evaporated/­dried milk

  • Soluble Coffee

  • Cocoa/­Chocolate

  • Bread and Flour


Loose foods or foods that are not pre-packed can be labelled in different ways. You're required to provide allergen and intolerance information through a variety of different custom labels. 

With those categories defined let's look at what things you need on your custom printed labels.


The Name Of The Food Or Drink

This must be clearly stated. If your food or drink has a brand name which doesn't give any information about what it is or how it has been made you must provide a description of the food to avoid accusations of ambiguity or intentional confusion.

List Of Ingredients

The list of ingredients should include everything that has gone into making this food or drink item. The custom label should also include things like water or additives if they've been added into the product. The printed label of ingredients must be in the order of the quantity that they were used. Starting with the largest ingredient and ending with the smallest. Finally, the list of ingredients must be in the language of the country that they are being sold in. 

GM Ingredients

Foods that contain ingredients that have been created using genetically modified organisms must be clearly labelled on your printed label. However, foods that have been produced using GM technology and products like meat, milk and eggs from animals fed on GM animals do not need to be put on your printed label.

Items That Contain Alcohol Or Caffeine

Drinks that contain more than 1.2% by volume of alcohol or more than 150mg/l of caffeine must be labelled with either the actual alcohol strength or caffeine content unless the caffeine product is coffee or tea and clearly labelled as such.

Weight Or Volume

If the weight or volume of a food or drink product exceeds 5g or 5ml then the actual must be clearly stated on the print labels. For foods packaged in liquid, the drained weight should be displayed whereas foods like loose tea and butter are sold in predet­er­mined standard amounts.­ 

Date Marks And Storage Conditions

Most food or drink print labels use a 'best before' or 'use by' date mark to give clarity about how long a product is likely to last once it's been opened. 'Use by' dates tend to be for foods that are highly perishable like milk or fish. 'Best before' is used for foods that are still edible after that date has elapsed; they just may not be at their optimum taste. Storage instructions must also be prominent on your branded labels, these instructions should stop the food spoiling too quickly, reduce the risk of food poisoning and ensure the item looks and smells best when consumed.

Preparation And Storage Instructions

If needed, instructions on how to prepare and cook the food may be required. The custom design label should feature how hot the food should be cooked at, how long for and if a microwave is needed, the label should identify the wattage and length of time needed.­ 

Name And Address Of The Manuf­ac­turer 

As the manufacturer the contact details of your company must be prevalent on your new custom design labels so that consumers can get in touch should they need to.

Country Of Origin

Your label must display where the food has come if it would be misleading not to show it (e.g. Greek yoghurt that is actually made in France).

Lot/Batch Number

This is required under UK Law. This number is used in case a lot or batch of a product needs to be recalled.

Other Information

Recipes, cooking instructions and serving suggestions are all examples of other information you may want to provide on the labels.­ 

Allergen Information

Any of the 14 food ingredients that are known to cause allergies or intolerances must be labelled on the packaging. They must be highlighted, easy to spot and not repeated anywhere else on the packaging.

Mandatory Back Of Pack Labelling

From December 2016 it was mandatory for all pre-packed food to have nutrition information on the back presented per 100g/ml or per portion. Energy value in KJ or KCal, grams of fat, saturates, carbo­hyd­rates, sugars, proteins and salt are all required.

What Can Lemur Labels Do For You?

Here at Lemur Labels, we can do it all, from custom shape labels, personalised labels and self-adhesive labels for your food or drink products. As a prominent label manuf­ac­turer, we have made a wide variety of high-quality self-adhesive labels for several different food & drink companies.­ 

Our skilled production team will help you create the perfect custom printed labels from your product idea to its creation using several template shapes. We can do any and all bespoke designs from round labels and bottle labels to handy labels that can go straight on your product as well as much more. Our fantastic art team will create custom labels that are sure to grab the consumer eyes when it's sitting on the shelves. As well as eye-catching designs we're also able to offer different adhesives including peel, reseal and the 'no-label' look for your self-adhesive labels. 

We'll use skilled expertise to create custom print labels to an incredibly high resolution and high quality so that you know your food or drink product will always stand out. As one of the leading companies in the label industry, we can fulfil all your custom printed labelling needs to the highest quality thanks to our huge variety of label options.

Our Printing Capabilities

Food & drink products can nourish us, make us feel good and deliver a great range of flavour. And our fantastic custom printed labels can make your food or drink product stand out from the rest. Here at Lemur Labels, we have the label printers to create stunning custom labels for your food or drink product. Since we were founded as a company we have invested heavily in the most cutting edge digital printing tools as well as high-class label printers that can deliver optimum results. Our flagship digital printing device is the Edale F13 and our digital Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ which you can find out more about below.

The Edale F13

  • Flexography is a process that uses a flexible relief plate which is attached to a printing cylinder or printing sleeve. This is then used for printing on a range of substrates, including gloss white paper, plastic, metallic films, cellophane and thermal paper, as well as holographic materials. Our team at Lemur Labels will be happy to advise on which materials and adhesives are best suited for your food or drink labelling needs.

  • This flexographic printing station can print up to 200 metres per minute, as well as up to 6 bright colours and finishes in one pass to the highest standard during the design process.

  • Our printer uses a combination of spot and process colours that use UV inks. Our spot Pantone matching systems ensure the consistency of your brand colours. Further, we can use process colours for clear, crisp imagery.

The Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+

Our Process: From Quote To Delivery

As a label manuf­ac­turer, we follow a strict labelling procedure and each order placed will be made with the utmost precision and care. Below is a brief outline of what you can expect when you choose to work with Lemur Labels:

  • When you get in touch, we'll run through the details of your product labels, square labels, self-adhesive labels, logo labels, trade labels or glossy labels and suggest what label material, artwork or print may be most suitable. We also offer a range of unwinding styles, including 'head first', 'inside wound' and 'foot first, outside wound'.

  • We provide you with a quote and then, once agreed to, we'll get the ball rolling and schedule in any custom artwork that you may have requested.

  • Our flexographic Edale Fl3 printing machine or our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer will then get to work printing your labels. Once printed on the press we'll finish them as required. We have a wide range of finishing options including spot UV varnish, varnishing (gloss or matt) and lamination.­ 

  • Once they've been fed into our Digicon Lite Machine, your product labels will go into a rewinder machine. This rewinder machine rewinds the big roll of labels into smaller rolls, based on your requ­ire­ments.­ 

  • Then, we'll go ahead and dispatch your food or drink product labels. Our regular delivery times are 3-5 days, we also offer an express service if you'd like your labels delivered sooner.

Give us a call today on 01613021964 and let's get the ball rolling on some brand-new labels!

Why Use Lemur Labels?

We are experts in everything to do with labels. We have created labels for a wide range of food & drink products as well as other products & services. Our skillset and deep under­standing of the industry means we're able to accommodate your label requ­ire­ments. Together, we'll create stand out designs that will meet industry compliance while also showing off your product.

Lemur Labels will provide you with the very best in labelling solutions - from our insight to our machinery. Our printers, be it the Edale Fl3 flexographic printing machine, our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer or Domino K600i inkjet press will provide clear, bright typefaces & text and crystal-clear imagery so your customer knows exactly what they're purchasing.

We can print on a massive variety of materials. From gloss white plastic, matt plastic and silver plastic all the way through to clear plastic, semi-gloss paper and holographic materials. The team at Lemur Labels will be delighted to guide and advise you about which material is best.

Our 3-5 day turnaround time is one of the best in the industry. Our range of materials and level of service means we can't really be beaten on value for money.

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We have clients all across the UK, from London, Cardiff and Birmingham right the way through to Manchester, Liverpool, Newcastle and Glasgow. If you're a business that wants to show off your product in a distinct, exciting way and need a company with deep industry knowledge and a keen eye for what works, then give the team at Lemur Labels a call, we can't wait to hear how we can help.

Lemure LabelsAny shape, any size. We deliver unique solutions crafted around each individual job. 

With Lemur Labels the process couldn’t be easier, we’ll discuss the details of your custom labels and advise you on the best way to move forward regarding materials, artwork and print. With our quick turn-around times and competitive pricing, our aim is to ensure our customers remain in control of every aspect of the job.  

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Digital Label Printing 

We have an in-house studio to manage all files coming into the business, resulting in a streamlined process. We carry out specifi­cation checks & digital proofing on every artwork, free of charge. If you need an extra hand with your artwork, please get in touch. 

For artwork requ­ire­ments, please click here

Label winding styles are particularly important if machinery is used to apply labels to products. The diagram below visualises the different directions and rotations that labels can be produced.

Outside WoundOutside Wound

Inside WoundInside Wound