Hazardous & Chemical Labels

Hazardous & Chemical Labels

With ever-growing regulations for health & safety requ­ire­ments, our labels will not only represent your brand, but also help you meet the legalities of the production and supply of chemical substances.

With a range of durable materials available including permanent and peelable adhesives, accompanied by our lightfast inks, you can rest assured that your products can remain compliant. We handle orders ranging from 50 to 1,000,000+ labels delivering consistent, high-quality label solutions. 

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Chemical hazards are preventable with our custom printed labels.

When product risks include skin corrosion, fire and even explosion, it’s important that your chemical product labels include the correct hazard labels and information that will keep your customers safe. You may be an expert in chemicals, but your customers will not be, and won’t know that glutar­al­dehyde is harmful to health, that ethanol is highly flammable and . glyphosate can pose an envi­ron­mental hazard - for example. Suitable labelling ensures that product information is clear, preca­uti­onary measures can be taken when using chemicals, and that customers know what to do and who to contact, should they need help.

From clear pictograms and preca­uti­onary statements through to hazard statements, signal words, product identifiers and supplier information, we can create custom printed labels that are well-designed, appealing and meet the legal labelling requirements of the chemical industry. Whether you’re after 1000, 20,000 or 500,000 new chemical labels or hazard labels, we have state-of-the-art printing equipment that can handle such requests - ensuring clarity, quality and time-saving functi­onality. Along with repeat business and exceptional testimonials from clients including DHL, B&Q and the NHS - as well as a whole host of chemical-based clients, we are best placed to meet your chemical labelling needs.

Printing on chemical labelling materials as varied as gloss white paper, matt plastic, clear plastic and vellum paper, as well as holographic materials, keeps our designs truly unique. With a variety of finishes too - your chemical products will be hard to miss.

Therefore, if you’re looking for business label printing services and are located in cities as varied as Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, London or Liverpool, please get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 to learn more about what we can do for you.


Why Hazardous & Chemical Labels Are Needed

As you know, there are many consi­dera­tions when it comes to finding the right packaging for your chemical products. Along with basic features such as the size and type of your containers, you also need to think about the hazards of the packaged chemicals, any incom­pati­bili­ties of packaging materials with the product, and the effects that exposure to sunlight, heat or cold temperatures will have on your chemicals. Similarly, there are many chemical labelling factors too. It doesn’t matter if you’re selling a pesticide, laundry detergent, cleaning agent, automotive chemical or solvent, you have to ensure that hazards labels are clear, signal words are strong and hazard statements are easy to follow. Otherwise, health and safety becomes a real risk, and customers could suffer both health hazards and physical hazards. Especially when your chemicals are toxic, corrosive or explosive, the right chemical labelling could be the difference between your company’s success and downfall.

Here at Lemur Labels, we make it our mission to help our chemical clients succeed, ensuring their labels are industry-compliant, feature great design and artwork, and that chemical hazard labelling is clear and concise. Knowing which terms to avoid, and the importance of the Material Safety Data Sheet, we adhere to strict chemical regulations so that our labels meet the demands of the chemical sector. Customer care is of the utmost importance to us, as we know it is for you, and therefore, we create labels that will aid product functi­onality while reducing the risk to customer safety. So whether you produce cleaning products, workplace hazardous chemicals, car cleaning products, pesticides or solvents, here at Lemur Labels, we’ll ensure that custom printed labels are as well-designed as they are eye-catching.


Information Required on Hazardous & Chemical Labels

Whether you specialise in cleaning agents, industrial chemicals, DIY solvents, workplace hazardous chemicals or chemicals for the automotive industries, there is a variety of key information that must feature on your chemical label, to ensure it complies with industry standards such as the BS5609 labelling standard. This information not only ensures the safety of your customers, but ensures that chemicals are stored and disposed of safely too.


Hazardous & Chemical Labelling Requirements Include:


Examples of hazard statements include:

  1. “Causes damage to kidneys through prolonged or repeated exposure when absorbed through the skin.”

  2. ‘’May cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled.’’



There are 4 types of preca­uti­onary statements that should always be included on the chemical label:

  1. A prevention statement that describes how to minimise exposure.

  2. A response statement that describes what to do in case of exposure.

  3. A statement describing how the chemical should be stored.

  4. A disposal statement with instructions for proper disposal of the chemical.


Examples of preca­uti­onary statements include:

  1. In case of inadequate ventilation wear respiratory protection.

  2. Do not breathe (e.g.) dust/­fume/­gas/­mist/ vapors/­spray, and seek medical advice if you feel unwell.

  3. Dispose of contents in accordance with national regulations.


Suppliers determine the appropriate preca­uti­onary statements (usually no more than six) based on the required hazard statements.



The pictograms include:


      Symbol                                       Meaning

  1. Exploding Bomb                     Explosive

  2. Flame                                    Flammable

  3. Flame Over Circle                 Oxidising

  4. Corrosion                             Corrosive

  5. Skull and Crossbones             Acute Toxicity

  6. Dead Tree and Fish                Envi­ron­mental Hazard

  7. Exclamation Mark                  Health Hazard / Hazardous to the Ozone layer

  8. Health Hazard                       Serious Health Hazard

  9. Gas Cylinder                         Gas Under Pressure


There’s certainly a lot to include on your chemical product labels to ensure their compliance. We know it can be overwhelming trying to fit all of this information in, but that’s where we can help. Offering guidance on regulations and support in cheap custom label design - your chemical labels, cleaning labels, workplace hazardous chemicals labels, laundry detergent labels, industrial chemical labels, solvent labels and automotive oil labels will have never looked better.


What Can Lemur Labels Do For You?

The needs of our clients are extensive, but so are our capabi­lities. Whether you’re after label creativity through full-colour labels, a range of durable materials that include permanent adhesive labels and peelable adhesives, or simply some industry-compliant advice, here at Lemur Labels, we can do it all. With our chemical labels, we’ve turned businesses into brands, and taken brands to the next level. We’ve created chemical labels and hazardous labels for a variety of clients, from markets including: cleaning labels; industrial chemical labels; laundry detergent labels; solvent labels; automotive labels; DIY labels; workplace hazardous chemicals labels.


From ideas on a page to labels on your products, we’ll discuss your special labelling requirements with you throughout the label production process. For something extra special, our in house designer can create artwork that grabs your customers’ attention and makes an impact. With a range of adhesives also available - including peel and reseal and the ‘no-label look’ - information can be presented in truly unique ways. Your chemicals aren’t the only thing that will make a splash. 



Our peel and reveal option is a superb choice for chemical labels, as they:

  • Ensure continuity of label design, while providing additional content behind a peel-away window, such as preca­uti­onary statements. For example, you may want to discuss the response if the chemical gets on the skin, on clothing, in the eyes, if inhaled and if swallowed for the ultimate in health and chemical safety.

  • They can offer vouchers and provide details on competitions - a popular choice within the cleaning market.

  • Peel and reveal labels can minimise the size of the needed container - regardless of whether it’s made of plastic, metal or glass, or if it’s a lined drum or is an intermediate bulk container.­ 


Because these labels have layers, we can also ensure that artwork is uninter­rupted throughout, and that the design doesn’t show through and ruin the look of the top layer. It’s quite a talent, and one that we here at Lemur Labels excel in.



Our Printing Capabilities

With the chemical market having the demand for easily the most compre­hen­sive and regulated labels out there - we’ve kept up to date with the challenges your industry faces and the specific requirements you need to meet. We’ve invested heavily in printing equipment that not only creates stunning labels, but can resist heat, moisture and sun exposure for prolonged periods. From the flexographic printing press (Edale Fl3) to our digital Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+, we’ve invested well, and from what follows, you’ll see why:


The Edale Fl3

  • Flexography is a printing process that uses a flexible relief plate, adhered to a printing cylinder or printing sleeve. It can be used for printing on a range of substrates, including plastic, metal, glass or thermal paper. 


The Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+


Based on your custom printed label requ­ire­ments, we’ll advise you on the correct printer for your labels. To learn more about the Edale Fl3 and Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964.



Our Process: From Quote To Delivery

There’s so much more to custom printed labels than meets the eye. Here at Lemur Labels, we follow a precise labelling framework that ensures quality labels reach your doors, and that all of our chemical-based clients receive the chemical labels they are after.


  • First things first, we’ll go through your custom printed label specifi­cations, and recommend materials, artwork and print, regardless of your chemical product’s packaging. We can also suggest label unwinding styles, including, ‘head first, outside wound’ and ‘left edge leading, inside wound’.

  • We’ll then provide you with a competitive quote, and should you want to proceed, we’ll schedule in any requested custom artwork for your custom printed labels.

  • Next, we’ll print your chemical labels on our flexographic Edale Fl3 printing machine or our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer. Once printed on the press, we’ll finish them as specified - perhaps laminated, varnished (matt or gloss) or spot UV varnish. We have a lot of great label finishing options on offer.

  • Once they have been fed through our Digicon lite machine, your custom printed labels then go onto a ‘rewinder’ machine, which rewinds the big roll of labels into smaller rolls, based on your label requ­ire­ments. For example, you may have requested during the quote stage that you wanted 500 labels per roll.

  • When complete, we’ll dispatch and send out your chemical labels or hazardous labels for delivery. Our standard lead-times are 3-5 days, while we do offer an expressive service for rush orders.


With Lemur Labels, your custom printed labels will stand out among your competitors. To create your chemical labels, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 today.


Why Use Lemur Labels?

  • When it comes to professional product labels, we offer high-quality labelling solutions. We’ve created custom printed labels for a variety of chemical products, including, but not limited to: cleaning labels; industrial chemical labels; workplace hazardous chemicals labels; laundry detergent labels; solvent labels; automotive labels; DIY labels. Our industry expertise guides our process, so that together we can design and create chemical compliant labels that feature the correct hazard labels and product information.

  • Our printing equipment is beyond compare and always offers the best in custom printed labelling. Whether we’re using our flexographic printing machine (we use the Edale Fl3), our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer or Domino K600i inkjet press, we know the results will be fantastic. Imagery is clear. Text is easy to read. Your branding is undeniably yours.

  • From gloss white plastic, matt plastic and silver plastic through to clear plastic, semi-gloss paper and holographic materials, there is no end to the different materials that we can print on. We have literally hundreds of different materials available, and can advise on the right materials and adhesives for your chemical products.

We know that our clients appreciate a fast turn-around, and that’s why ours takes just 3-5 days. When you consider the quality of our cheap custom printed labels and how they aid with sales, we can’t be beaten on price or level of service either. At Lemur Labels, we don’t think you should have to wait for quality design, and therefore, we don’t make you.

Lemure LabelsAny shape, any size. We deliver unique solutions crafted around each individual job. 

With Lemur Labels the process couldn’t be easier, we’ll discuss the details of your custom labels and advise you on the best way to move forward regarding materials, artwork and print. With our quick turn-around times and competitive pricing, our aim is to ensure our customers remain in control of every aspect of the job.  

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Digital Label Printing 

We have an in-house studio to manage all files coming into the business, resulting in a streamlined process. We carry out specifi­cation checks & digital proofing on every artwork, free of charge. If you need an extra hand with your artwork, please get in touch. 

For artwork requ­ire­ments, please click here

Label winding styles are particularly important if machinery is used to apply labels to products. The diagram below visualises the different directions and rotations that labels can be produced.

Outside WoundOutside Wound

Inside WoundInside Wound