Hygiene & Cosmetic Labels

Hygiene & Cosmetic Labels

A high quality label will help accelerate sales, enhance your brand, and catch eyes in the market place. We deliver unique solutions on a job-by-job basis, with the expertise and machinery in-house to make this happen.

Whether you are an independent cosmetic business with a line of mois­tu­risers, or a multi-national operator with hundreds of products, we have the perfect portfolio of machinery for the job. We have a vast amount of experience in the cosmetic, hygiene/wipe industries, including specialist applications such as peel & reseal.

  •    Peel & Reseal
  •    Photog­raphic quality
  •    'No-label look'
  •    Proof services available

Enhance your product and brand with Lemur Labels. Our team are always on hand to help with your next labelling project. Get in touch now by calling us on 0161 302 1964 or click the quote button below.

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They say beauty is on the inside, but when it comes to our custom printed labels, beauty’s on the outside too.


The hygiene and cosmetics industries are expansive, comprising everything from soaps, deodorants, hand cream, cosmetic aerosols and body scrubs through to lip balms, blushers, eyeshadow palette, lipsticks and other facial make-up cosmetics, not to mention shampoos, conditioners and hair dyes. From sun care and skin care through to hair care and makeup that is available in every shade under the sun, there’s certainly a lot to choose from in terms of personal care, and a lot that you, as a cosmetics business have to compete with. It’s almost as if you’re taking part in a beauty contest - the most stylish, eye-catching and beneficial products are the ones that see success. And this all starts with your labels. From bold colours, typefaces and fonts through to artwork, legal cosmetic labelling requ­ire­ments, label materials and label adhesives, here at Lemur Labels, we can bring your hygiene brand or cosmetics brand to life with custom printed labels that turn heads and encourage cosmetic customers to find out more.


Need 1000 soap labels? After 20,000 lipstick labels? Expanding your skin care range or cosmetic line and need 300,000 face cream labels? No problem. We can create custom printed labels that enhance the beauty of your products, with sensational cosmetic label design, and clear and compliant information. Our fantastic label printing equipment ensures clarity and consistency in label quality - which is no surprise considering the reputations of the flexographic Edale Fl3 printing machine, the Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer and the Domino K600i inkjet press - just to name a few of the label printing equipment we use here at Lemur Labels. With a fast turn-around too, your custom printed labels can be on your products and in stores as soon as possible.


Printing on materials as varied as gloss white paper, matt plastic, clear plastic and vellum paper, as well as holographic materials, keeps our designs truly unique. With a range of finishes too - it won’t be hard to spot your products on the shelves. 


Therefore, if you’re looking for business label printing services and are located in cities as varied as Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, London or Liverpool, please get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 to learn more about what we can do for you.


The Importance of Hygiene Labels & Cosmetics Labels

When it comes to the hygiene industry, beauty industry and cosmetics industry, the visual appearance of product packaging, materials and labels are of the utmost importance. Any product that is created to care for, enhance or make you beautiful must make an impact itself - especially when it has plenty of competitors. Standing out isn’t just down to cosmetic label design however. It’s down to label materials. It’s down to down to label quality. It’s down to label embel­lis­hments. And ultimately, it’s down to you choosing a custom printed label business that has experience in cosmetics labels and hygiene labels.

At Lemur Labels, we know that beauty and cosmetic products come in various shapes and sizes, and have to withstand different environments - such as handbags, makeup cases, bathroom cabinets and by the shower. From the label design and label shape through to adhesive labels and label material, there’s a lot that you need to consider when it comes to creating a durable, stylish and beneficial label for your hygiene and cosmetic products. Luckily, we know a thing or two about creating custom printed labels that meet these labelling requ­ire­ments, and can even advise on waterproof labels that keep key product information easily readable and accessible for as long as your customers use your products.

Whether you’re a makeup producer, soap manufacturer or create custom shampoos for sensitive skin, together, we can create bespoke cosmetics labels and hygiene labels that are beautiful as the effects of the products themselves.


Information Required on Hygiene & Cosmetics Labels

Whether you need makeup labels, hair dye labels, shampoo labels, soap labels, deodorant labels, bath salt labels, cosmetic aerosols, facial make-up cosmetics or body scrub labels, there is important information that must appear on your hygiene labels and cosmetic labels, to ensure compliance with industry regulations such as EU Regulation (EC) No 1223/2009. This information not only ensures the safety of your customers, but ensures they are clear on the effects your product will have on them.


Hygiene Product Labelling & Cosmetic Labelling Requirements Include:





  • The ingredient name must be that listed in the Inter­national Nomenclature of Cosmetic Ingredients (INCI) or, if no such name is listed, one of the following:
  • Chemical Name

  • European Pharma­copoeia Name

  • Inter­national Nonprop­ri­etary Name (INN), as recommended by the World Health Organisation

  • European Inventory of Existing Commercial chemical Substances (EINECS), Inter­national Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC), or Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) identi­fica­tion reference

  • Colour Index Number

  • Batch Code: The batch number of manufacture or the reference for identifying the goods. This is especially useful if you need to enact a product recall.


  • Product Function: Clarifi­cation on what the product is, to remove any misun­der­stan­dings or ambiguities. For example, ‘Shampoo’, ‘Blusher’ or ‘Eyeshadow’.

  • Precautions or Product Warnings: Precautions to be observed in use, as shown in the annexes to the EU Cosmetic Label Regulations, must be printed on the cosmetics label or hygiene label. Examples include: “Avoid contact with eyes.” and ‘’Do not swallow.’’ 


There is also a range of optional information that you can include on your makeup labels, hair dye labels, shampoo labels, soap labels, facial make-up cosmetics labels, deodorant labels, bath salt labels or body scrub labels, and this includes:

  • Cruelty Free.

  • Organic.

  • Hypo­al­ler­genic.

  • Recycling symbols, such as the mobius loop, green dot and ‘Keep Britain Tidy’.

To determine whether you have compliant cosmetic labels and hygiene labels, please contact us today. We understand the complexities of the industry, and can proof your labels with a fine tooth comb.


What Can Lemur Labels Do For You?

Hygiene product labels and cosmetic labels not only need to look great, but also need to comply with EU cosmetic regulations, and be resistant to moisture, heat and wear and tear, without becoming unsightly. They must also remain adhesive and legible despite the effects of water, oils and other elements that naturally have an impact on hygiene labels and cosmetics labels when they are handled. Whether you’re after creative label design, industry-compliance support or labels that comprise both for your cosmetics business, skin care business or hygiene product range, here at Lemur Labels, we can help. Our labels for cosmetic products, skin care products and hygiene products ensure that key information is visible at all times, and that your branding and values are clear too.


From initial concept to production, we’ll discuss your special labelling requirements with you throughout, and our in house designer can create artwork that grabs your target consumers’ attention. With various adhesives and adhesive labels also available - including peel and reseal and the ‘no-label look’ - information can be presented in highly-sophis­ticated ways. There’s truly no end to our artistry and expertise.


The ‘no label look’ is a popular option - especially for cosmetic products. Blending naturally with the container, these labels provide a premium look that increases shelf appeal no end.


Our Printing Capabilities

Cosmetic products and hygiene products can cleanse and protect the skin, as well as boost our appearance and beauty. Our cosmetic labels and hygiene labels can improve the quality and beauty of your products too, and give them a stronger position on the shelves.


How do we do this? Well, we’ve invested heavily in our label printing solution - namely our flexographic printing press (Edale Fl3) and our digital Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+, which we encourage you to learn more about below:


The Edale Fl3

  • Flexography is a printing process that uses a flexible relief plate, adhered to a printing cylinder or printing sleeve. It can be used for printing on a range of substrates, including gloss white paper, plastic, metallic films, cellophane and thermal paper, as well as holographic materials. We can advise on which materials and adhesives are best suited for your cosmetics labels and hygiene product labels.

  • Our high speed Edale Fl3 flexographic printing station can print up to 200m per minute, as well as up to 6 colours and finishes in one pass.

  • It can use a combination of spot and process colours using UV inks. Spot pantone matching systems ensure consistency of branded colours, and we can use process colours for clear, crisp imagery - especially useful for showing distinct makeup colours and hair dye colours, and its usage on models.

  • Guarantees precision throughout the run and delivers consistency every single time.

 The Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+

To see what our Edale Fl3 and digital Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ can do, please contact us cosmetic labelling imagery. We’re certain you’ll be impressed with our custom label printing, and label printing services.



Our Process: From Quote To Delivery

Our label printing services will ensure that your custom printed labels are created with clarity and care, and that you receive the business labels that you are after. Whether you’re after facial make-up cosmetics labels, hair dye labels, shampoo labels, soap labels, deodorant labels, bath salt labels or body scrub labels, we’ll make the process from label quote to label delivery as smooth as possible.

  • When you contact us about your cosmetic labels or hygiene product label needs, we’ll discuss with you our custom printed label options, and recommend materials, artwork and print. We also offer a range of label unwinding styles, including ‘head first, inside wound’ and ‘foot first, outside wound’.

  • We’ll then offer you a custom printed label quote, which, should you give the go ahead, we’ll schedule in your label order and any label artwork you’d like us to create.

  • We’ll then print your labels on our flexographic Edale Fl3 printing machine or our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer. Once printed on the press, we’ll finish them as required, taking into consi­dera­tion our wide range of finishing options, including lamination, varnishing (gloss or matt) or spot UV varnish - where we can make certain parts of the label glossy, and other parts matt.

  • After your cosmetic labels or hygiene labels have been fed through our Digicon lite machine for the best in label finishing, your custom printed labels then go onto a ‘rewinder’ machine. This rewinds your business labels into smaller roll labels based on your quote specifi­cations. You may, for example, have requested 1,000 cosmetic labels per roll.

  • Lastly, we’ll package and post your custom printed labels. Our standard lead-times are 3-5 days, while we do offer an express service for rush orders


From Manchester, Liverpool and London through to Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh, we deliver our custom printed labels to clients across the UK. To create your cosmetic labels and hygiene labels, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 today



Why Use Lemur Labels? 

  • We’re not just labelling specialists, we are experts in the industries in which we serve too. We’ve created custom printed labels for a range of products, including: cosmetic labels; hygiene labels; shampoo labels; facial make-up cosmetics labels; body scrub labels; soap labels; deodorant labels; skin care labels; sun cream labels; beauty product labels. Our industry prowess enhances our process, so that together, we can design and produce custom printed labels that are stylish and compliant.

  • We place great value on our labelling printing equipment, and it shows. From our flexographic Edale Fl3 printing machine and our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer through to our Domino K600i inkjet press, our label printing equipment is beyond compare, and creates hygiene labels and cosmetic labels that you can be proud of. 

  • From gloss white plastic, matt plastic and silver plastic through to clear plastic, semi-gloss paper and holographic materials, there is a multitude of label materials that we can print on. With hundreds of materials available here at Lemur Labels, we can advise on the right one for you.

  • Tight deadlines don’t bother us, so if you’re looking for a fast turn-around, then look no further than Lemur Labels. Ours takes 3-5 days, with express services available for those last minute orders.


Contact Us

From Manchester, Liverpool and London through to Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh, our clients are located across the UK, and include B&Q, the NHS and DHL. For custom printed labels from a company you can trust, please contact Lemur Labels today on 0161 302 1964 to learn more about our cosmetic label and hygiene label options.

Lemure LabelsAny shape, any size. We deliver unique solutions crafted around each individual job. 

With Lemur Labels the process couldn’t be easier, we’ll discuss the details of your custom labels and advise you on the best way to move forward regarding materials, artwork and print. With our quick turn-around times and competitive pricing, our aim is to ensure our customers remain in control of every aspect of the job.  

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Digital Label Printing 

We have an in-house studio to manage all files coming into the business, resulting in a streamlined process. We carry out specifi­cation checks & digital proofing on every artwork, free of charge. If you need an extra hand with your artwork, please get in touch. 

For artwork requ­ire­ments, please click here

Label winding styles are particularly important if machinery is used to apply labels to products. The diagram below visualises the different directions and rotations that labels can be produced.

Outside WoundOutside Wound

Inside WoundInside Wound