Screen Truepress Jet

The Screen Truepress Jet L350UV+ is a high-end inkjet label press with outstanding flexibility,  quality and speed (up to 60 meters per minute). The press is built to produce beautifully printed labels, which is made possible by the highly efficient printheads and inks.

The Truepress is able to print fine detail with ease, including the finest of text which is especially well suited to the food, beverage & supplement industries. The Truepress was built with the use of a wide range of materials in mind, allowing the opportunity for our customers to choose from a broad range of substrates to ensure additional product value.
The unique inks enable the reproduction of a wider colour gamut, which can be increased additionally with 'vivid' mode. This results in Lemur Labels being able to adapt to even the most complex of labels.
The press brings a huge amount of benefits to our customers, including no setup/plate costs resulting in additional savings and quicker turn-around times. 
If you would like to come and see the press in action, please contact the office and we'd be happy to show you around our digital production facility. 
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