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Razor-sharp print to ensure your product stands out. With masses of experience within the Supplement industry, we understand the complexity and flexibility needed for each high quality Supplement & Health label run. We’re experts at handling multiple SKUs with both short and long run requirements at minimal turnaround times.

We supply clients ranging from bespoke nutrition to contract manuf­ac­turers & leading global brands. Our labels are tried and trusted on production lines and are well suited to work with machine label applicators.

  •    Any shape, any size
  •    Varnish & lamination services
  •    Range of substrates
  •    Short run with multiple SKUs
  •    High quality, consistent print
  •    Supplied on Rolls

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With our labels your branding will have never looked better. 

The health product and supplement market sure is extensive, and with a vast range of liquid supplements, protein powders and dietary tablets to compete with, you’ve got to ensure your products stand out among the masses. But in a market where trust is key and nutritional claims can make or break your health and supplement business, standing out means more than innovative design and eye-catching imagery. It means providing information that customers can rely on - such as recommended daily intake, storage instruc­tions, an allergen list and ingredients list. It means ensuring health claims are valid and true and giving customers a reason to trust in your brand. It means using a label company who can present all of this information and more on your containers, jars and bottles. It means using Lemur Labels.

Whether you’re after 2000, 20,000 or 200,000 new health and supplement labels, we can create custom-printed labels that combine stunning design and clear information in a fraction of the time of our competitors. We’ve invested heavily in advanced label printing machinery to provide our clients with truly exceptional health product labels and supplement labels with a lead time of only 3-5 days - allowing your products to be in stores as soon as possible.

Printing on materials as varied as gloss white paper, matt plastic, clear plastic and vellum paper, as well as holographic materials, keeps our designs truly unique. With a range of finishes too - it won’t be hard to spot your products on the shelves.  

Therefore, if you’re looking for business label printing services and are located in cities as varied as Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, London or Liverpool, please get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 to learn more about what we can do for you.

The Importance of Supplement Labels & Health Product Labels

Whether they’re giving customers a boost of Vitamin A, B or C, helping to build up their muscle mass or providing all important medication that aids their blood pressure, mental health or balanced diet, the supplement and health products you provide to clients can truly impact their lives. However, without proper labelling, this impact could be negative. Correct labelling ensures customers know recommended daily dosage, allergy information and intended usage, as well as nutritional information. 

Here at Lemur Labels, we offer a variety of secure label options that ensures complete transparency and effec­tiveness. This includes barcode labels, variable data labels and black ink labels, as well as our popular custom print labels - for ease of under­standing, and ensuring that customers understand intake and instruc­tions. We know there’s a vast variation in container shapes and sizes too - making label design, shape and adhesive choice key to standing out on the shelves - along with branded colours and imagery that makes your products undeniably yours. There’s a lot to consider, and a lot that we can help you with. Whether you’re a supplement manuf­ac­turer, a dietary tablet supplier or create powders for those who find swallowing pills, tablets and capsules difficult - together, we can create bespoke health product labels and new supplement labels as effective as the products themselves.

Getting the right custom printed labels created for your supplement and health labels is vital. You've spent all that time, money and effort in creating a unique product that you think can make a dent in the market, the absolute last thing you want to do is get inadequate customer printed labels. Once your product is on the shelves potential customers are making their own informed decisions about which product to buy in a matter of seconds, if your custom printed label isn't right then you're going to find yourself with very low sales.

The supplement & health business is so congested that you need to ensure you're working with a label company that understands both the market and the legal requirements that you need to abide by in order to avoid any nasty issues. Here at Lemur Labels, we do both of these things and more for you. 

Benefits Of New Supplement Labels, Food Supplement Labels and Inkjet Labels

  • Versatility - Your brand new custom printed labels are so versatile that if you have ideas for promotions, new products or offers you can create new supplement labels that feature anything you'd like on there. This versatility, combined with Lemur Labels' super fast turnaround time, means you'll be able to beat the competition to the shelves. Take advantages of new supplement trends, create new products and have them to market with exciting looking label artwork in a matter of days. In a competitive market having this edge is essential.

  • Bespoke - When you use label printing services like Lemur Labels you can rest assured knowing that your custom printed labels are completely unique and bespoke to you. Our team will pour over your ideas or help you come up with label artwork and won't stop until your custom labels are exactly as you envisaged. Once they're done and printed you can send your products out to the shelves with the knowledge that no other product in the market looks like yours.

  • Enjoy Complete Control - Custom label printing is not just about bespoke labels, it's about customising your experience too! We don't have a one size fits all approach to make labels for our clients. We'll ensure you're always in control of what your new supplement labels look like, what label material we use and how many we print. We understand how important it is to have control, especially in a market where there are so many things out of your control. Working with Lemur Labels is like working with your own in house label company.

Custom Printed Labels with Lemur Labels

Like we said earlier, working with a custom label printing company such as Label Labels affords you all the benefits of working with an experienced, state of the art company. For years we have been helping companies in a variety of different industries, from food & drink, cosmetic, hygiene and even vape e-liquids! This breadth of experience means when you choose to work with us you'll be able to draw on this knowledge, from advice and help with label artwork right through to the label material and label printing process.

Our dedicated team have been helping businesses in the UK for over 30 years and we treat each client's label printing process like it's our own. We'll sit with you through a thorough consultation and really get under the skin of your business, find out what it is that makes you and supplement & health company tick. This knowledge gives us a better under­standing as to what your new custom printed labels may end up looking like. 

Most label printing services will simply take your design, print it off and send it to you and wait for the money in their account. Not here, we'll ensure you're always happy and content with what it is we are doing so that when we do deliver your new custom printed labels for your supplement product or health product you don't discover any nasty surprises.

Our commitment to quality and bespoke custom printed labels goes beyond words, as you can see on this page, we've invested a lot of capital in incredibly high tech printing equipment, this helps us create new supplement labels and other product labels that are unmatched by our competitors. We'd love to hear about how we can help you, why not get in touch with the team at Lemur Labels or for more information about pricing for supplement and health product labels then be sure to use our Quick Quote future which will give you a clear and transparent figure.

Health Product Label Claims & Supplement Label Claims

Within the health and supplement market, you also have to be careful with the health claims you make - as lawsuits are not uncommon. Through our expert-driven proofreading process, we can help ensure your claims are now only viable, but provide clients with the results they’re after.

Nutrition claims are only permitted if they are listed in the Annex of Regulation (EC) No 1924/2006, lastly amended by Regulation (EU) No 1047/2012


Examples of health claims include:

  • High Protein: This claim can only be made on your health product label or supplement label where at least 20% of the energy value of the product is provided by protein.

  • High Unsaturated Fat: Where at least 70% of the fatty acids present in the product derive from unsaturated fat, and this unsaturated fat provides more than 20% of the product’s energy.

  • Fat Free: Where the product contains no more than 0.5g of fat per 100g or 100ml. You cannot express claims as 'X % fat-free' however.

  • Source Of [Name Of Vitamin/S] And/Or [Name Of Mineral/S]: May only be made where the product contains at least a significant amount as defined in the Annex to Directive 90/496/EEC or an amount provided for by derogations granted according to Article 6 of Regulation (EC) No 1925/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 December 2006 on the addition of vitamins and minerals and of certain other substances to foods.

  • High [Name Of Vitamin/S] And/Or [Name Of Mineral/S]: A claim that a food is high in vitamins and/or minerals, and any claim likely to have the same meaning for the consumer, may only be made where the product contains at least twice the value of ‘source of [NAME OF VITAMIN/S] and/or [NAME OF MINERAL/S]’.

It’s also important to note that you can’t claim or imply that any health product or supplement can treat, prevent or cure any disease or medical condition.

For more information on nutritional labelling of health products and supplement products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964.


Information Required on Health & Supplement Labels

Whether you specialise in bodybuilding supplements, dietary supplements or a range of tablets, capsule, powders and multi­vitamins, there is a range of key information that must appear on your label, to ensure it complies with industry regulations. This information not only ensures the safety of your customers, but ensures they are clear on the effects your product will have on them.

Health Product Labelling & Supplement Labelling Requirements Include:

  • Your company name and address.

  • The best before date, or if it is stamped on the base/top of the bottle, a statement such as ‘’for best before date see base of bottle’’.

  • Dosage instruc­tions.

  • Ingredients in descending weight order under the heading "Product Information".

  • Ingredients should also be listed with their scientific name, for example - Vitamin D3, (Cholec­al­ci­ferol).

  • When you list ‘’other ingredients’’ after the main active ingredients, you need to list their purpose, for example - Brown Rice Flour (bulking agent), Magnesium Stearate (flowing agent).

  • Nutrient Reference Values (NRV) for your vitamins and minerals. Examples include Thiamin (1.1 mg), Riboflavin (1.4 mg) and Niacin (16 mg), as well as potassium (2000mg), Calcium (800 mg) and magnesium (375mg). On the label, this will appear as the active ingredient name, followed by the mg, and then the NRV%.

  • An allergen warning statement, such as: ‘’For allergens please see ingredients in bold’’, with the ingredients in the supplement ingredients list printed in bold typeface.

  • Details on where the product has been manufactured and whether your supplement manufacturer makes products that may have allergens. If they do, you must include the statement, ‘’Made in a factory that also handles allergen x’’.

Your health labels and new supplement labels should also include cautions or warnings related to who shouldn’t take the product or supplement, such as:

  • ‘’Not A Substitute For A Healthy Diet.’’

  • ‘’Not intended for use by persons under the age of 18 years.’’

  • ‘’Do not exceed the stated dose.’’

  • ‘’If under medical supervision, consult a doctor before use.’’

  • ‘’Store in a cool dark place away from moisture and direct sunlight.’’

  • ‘’Keep out of reach of children.’’

If you’re unsure whether your labels are compliant, then don’t worry, we can help. We understand the complexities of the industry, and can proof your labels with a qualified eye. We can ensure your labels aren’t just stylish, but meet the needs of your sector too. 

Design Tips For Supplement & Health Labels

Our design team have created a number of health product labels and food supplement labels for companies in the past and as a result, have a few tips and tricks which you should consider the next time you're looking at creating product labels.


So important. Having a clear health product label that tells a potential customer exactly what your product is and how it can benefit them is so important. If you try and overcom­plicate it you're going to leave people confused and when they're confused, they don't usually take your product to the checkout.­ 

Get Your Message Across

Whether it's in the logo design, your brand name or the product description, just focus on getting the message of what your product is quick. There is such a wide variety of supplement labels around that you need to get the idea of what your brand is and sounds like, pretty sharpish.

Be Concise

With your health product labels you want to be concise, we have label options which mean you can retain a lot of useful information tucked away at the back of your product. This affords you the opportunity to be super concise on the front of your label where it counts.

Follow A Brand TOV

Ensure that all your product labels are consistent and follow your brand's tone of voice. Without that anchor, tethering your product down, you're not going to have a uniform set of products. This isn't going to help you when you want a customer to try another one of your products if there isn't a discernable similarity between products.

What Can Lemur Labels Do For You? 

Whether you’re after creative design, industry-compliant advice or labels that combine both for your health and supplement business, Lemur Labels can do it all. We’ve helped create health product labels and new supplement labels for a vast range of clients, from markets including: dietary labels; bodybuilding labels; vitamin A labels; capsule labels; food supplement labels; metabolism labels; nutrition label; herbal supplements.

From initial concept to production, we’ll discuss your special labelling requirements with you throughout, and our in house designer can create artwork that grabs your target consumers’ attention. With various adhesives also available - including peel and reseal and the ‘no-label look’ - information can be presented in highly-sophis­ticated ways. There’s truly no end to our artistry and expertise.

Our peel and reveal option is extremely popular with our health product clients and supplement clients because they:

  • Keep the label looking sharp and clean while providing additional content behind a peel-away window, such as additional nutritional information and facts.

  • They can provide details on competitions and coupons, as well as money off vouchers.

  • Peel and reveal labels can minimise the size of the needed container, bottle or jar, due to displaying at least double the amount of information on the packaging.

Because these labels have layers, we can also ensure that artwork is uninter­rupted throughout, and that the design doesn’t show through and ruin the look of the top layer. It’s quite a craft, and one that we here at Lemur Labels have perfected.­ 


Our Printing Capabilities 

To provide the very best in health product labels and new supplement labels, we have invested heavily in our printing solutions. We often get asked about the specifi­cations and benefits of our two main machines - the flexographic printing press (Edale Fl3) and our digital Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ - and therefore provide their key details below: 

The Edale Fl3


The Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+

 Interested in learning more about our Edale Fl3 and Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+? They’ve been imperative to our success, so we’re happy to answer any questions you may have about them. 

Our Label Process: From Quote To Delivery

We follow a strict labelling framework to ensure precision and care with each and every order, and that our clients from the health and supplement markets receive the labels they are after.

  • When you get in touch, we’ll go through the details of your custom labels, blank labels, black ink labels or variable data labels with you, and suggest materials, artwork and print. We also offer a range of label unwinding styles, including ‘head first, inside wound’ and ‘foot first, outside wound’.

  • We’ll provide you with a quote, and should you be happy with it, we’ll get the ball rolling and schedule in any custom artwork that you have requested.

  • We’ll then print your labels on our flexographic Edale Fl3 printing machine or our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer. Once printed on the press, we’ll finish them as required, taking into consi­dera­tion our wide range of finishing options, including lamination, varnishing (gloss or matt) or spot UV varnish - where we can make certain parts of the label glossy, and other parts matt.

  • Once they have been fed through our Digicon lite machine, the labels then go onto a ‘rewinder’ machine, which rewinds the big roll of labels into smaller rolls, based on your label requ­ire­ments. For example, you may have specified during the quote stage that you wanted 1,000 labels per roll.

  • Once complete, we’ll dispatch and send out your health product labels or supplement labels for delivery. Our standard lead-times are 3-5 days, while we do offer an expressive service for rush orders. 

It all starts with a phone call and quote, so to get yours, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 today. Your labels will have never looked better.


Why Use Lemur Labels?

  • We are experts in all thing labels - creating cheap custom print labels for a wide range of health product and supplement needs, including, but not limited to: health product labels; supplement labels; dietary labels; bodybuilding supplement labels; vitamin A labels; food supplement labels; tablet labels; capsule labels; nutrition labels; herbal supplements. Our skill set ensures an in depth under­standing of your industry’s specific labelling requ­ire­ments, so that together we can create exceptional designs that meet stringent industry compliance, and showcase health benefits.

  • Whether we’re using our flexographic printing machine (we use the Edale Fl3), our Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer or Domino K600i inkjet press, we provide the very best in labelling solutions, ensuring text and typeface are easy to read, imagery is clear and your customers know exactly what they’re purchasing. Making your brand name and brand images stand out is one of our greatest skills too.

  • From gloss white plastic, matt plastic and silver plastic through to clear plastic, semi-gloss paper and holographic materials, there is no end to the different materials that we can print on. We are always happy to guide our clients on the right materials and adhesives for their products.

  • Our lead times are unrivalled within the industry, with a super fast turn-around of 3-5 days. Coupled with the high quality of our cheap custom printed labels, barcode labels and black ink only labels, we really can’t be beat on value for money and the service we provide each and every one of our clients.


Contact Us

From Manchester, Liverpool and London through to Birmingham, Newcastle and Edinburgh, our clients are located across the UK, and include B&Q, the NHS and DHL. Our reputation precedes us, and therefore, if you’re looking for health product labels or supplement product labels, please call us today on 0161 302 1964 to learn more about our options, including our varnish and lamination services.

Lemure LabelsAny shape, any size. We deliver unique solutions crafted around each individual job. 

With Lemur Labels the process couldn’t be easier, we’ll discuss the details of your custom labels and advise you on the best way to move forward regarding materials, artwork and print. With our quick turn-around times and competitive pricing, our aim is to ensure our customers remain in control of every aspect of the job.  

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Digital Label Printing 

We have an in-house studio to manage all files coming into the business, resulting in a streamlined process. We carry out specifi­cation checks & digital proofing on every artwork, free of charge. If you need an extra hand with your artwork, please get in touch. 

For artwork requ­ire­ments, please click here

Label winding styles are particularly important if machinery is used to apply labels to products. The diagram below visualises the different directions and rotations that labels can be produced.

Outside WoundOutside Wound

Inside WoundInside Wound