Variable Data Labels

There is no surprise that the management and tracking of data has become vital in almost every business operation. With our latest inkjet technology, our customers can harness the flexibility of digital printing to produce anything from asset tracking labels to barcode racking labels.

The ability to print unique, individual labels on demand means that tracking business activities, for example, marketing campaigns can be analysed down to each individual customer. We use specialist variable data software which has the ability to include multiple variable fields including text, numbers, barcodes and even graphics. 

We stock thousands of cutters meaning the chances are we already have your size in stock. 

If you want to find our more about our variable data services or need a help with your variable data label, call the office and we will be happy to help on 0161 302 1964

Lemure LabelsAny shape, any size. We deliver unique solutions crafted around each individual job. 

With Lemur Labels the process couldn’t be easier, we’ll discuss the details of your custom labels and advise you on the best way to move forward regarding materials, artwork and print. With our quick turn-around times and competitive pricing, our aim is to ensure our customers remain in control of every aspect of the job.  

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Digital Label Printing 

We have an in-house studio to manage all files coming into the business, resulting in a streamlined process. We carry out specification checks & digital proofing on every artwork, free of charge. If you need an extra hand with your artwork, please get in touch. 

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Label winding styles are particularly important if machinery is used to apply labels to products. The diagram below visualises the different directions and rotations that labels can be produced.

Outside WoundOutside Wound

Inside WoundInside Wound