Custom Printed Labels

Custom Printed Labels

High definition digital & flexographic labels at their finest - any shape, any size
Blank Labels

Blank Labels

With over 1,000 cutters in stock, we supply both sheeted & roll plain labels for over-printing
Barcode Labels

Barcode Labels

We supply high quality Barcode Labels printed on our high speed Domino Inkjet Press
Variable Data Labels

Variable Data Labels

There is no surprise that the management and tracking of data has become vital in almost every business operation.
Black Ink Labels

Black Ink Labels

With both digital & flexo print available, we've got your short & long runs covered.

High-Quality Printed Labels for Business

We deliver cost-effective custom label & sticker printing for businesses of any size.

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  •    Rapid Turn-Around
  •    Competitive Pricing
  •    Digital & Flexographic Production
  •    In-house Studio
  •   Ethically Sourced Materials
  • Best raiting

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We understand that new product launches and range extensions can be a tricky affair, which is why at Lemur Labels, we simplify the process with our custom printed labels. With extensive experience in custom printed labels for industries including supplement labels, health product labels, cosmetic labels and chemical labels, as well as food and drink labels - we can breathe new life into your products and get the word out there online or on the shelves. 

From discussing your labelling requirements and advising on the best suited materials, adhesives and artwork through to printing and finishing, we offer a range of custom label printing solutions to meet your brand’s requirements - regardless of whether you’re an SME, nation favourite or global business. With two manuf­ac­turing facilities in Manchester, we deliver our labels to locations across the UK with a 3-5 day turnaround - without hindering label quality or quantity. Whether you’re after 5,000, 50,000 or 500,000 labels, our team will ensure your labels are designed and created to your exact label specifi­cations, delivered on time, ensuring your products are ready to go to market.

Our dedication to client care, along with our heavy investment in advanced printing machinery such as the Edale FL3 and Screen Truepress Jet L350uv+ label presses has seen us go from strength to strength. Therefore, if you’re looking for business label printing services and are located in cities as varied as Glasgow, Cardiff, Manchester, London or Liverpool, please get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 to learn more about what we can do for you.

We are a customer focused label manuf­ac­turer, supplying high quality custom printed labels to businesses of any size, ranging from niche SMEs to multi­national businesses. Each and every label order is treated with the same core values - Speed, Quality & ServiceThese values have ensured our customers come back time and time again for a consistant & trusted service.

With over 30 years experience within the printed labels industry, we house the latest in cutting-edge digital & flexo printing technology, meaning we have the flexibility and equipment to bring your labels to life. We have achieved this through consistent investment over the years,  developing a broad range of machinery to stay ahead of the curve. Not only that, we provide some of the lowest prices in the market. 

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About Us


Lemur Labels have been providing high quality custom labels and custom stickers to clients for over 30 years, and we don’t intend to stop anytime soon. Having seen advancements in the labelling process and industry, and being quick on the uptake for the benefit of our customers and clients, we pride ourselves on both our range of products and level of customer service that truly makes us stand out from the rest. This of course, is important in the labelling industry. We know that personalised labels with clear information, exceptional design and compliance with industry regulations are the ones that highlight your expertise and boost your credibility not only on the shelves, but in consumers’ eyes. With in depth knowledge of a range of industries - including supplement labels, health labels, cosmetic labels, chemical labels, hazardous labels, food labels, drink labels, vape labels and hygiene labels - we can guide you through the process from quote to completion, ensuring your labels best represent your brand, values and market sector. 

So whether you’re after labels for your sports nutrition brand, labels for your makeup range or would like advice on the information required on vape labels, then we encourage you to get in touch with us today. With our custom printed labels, your products will certainly make their mark and catch the eyes of your customers. 


Our Labelling Products


Custom Printed Labels

If your products are head and shoulders above the rest, then you need a label to match. Custom printed labels can turn a dull container or opaque jar into a product brimming with helpful information, fantastic imagery and stunning design. Meeting the needs of your industry’s labelling requ­ire­ments, they ensure that key facts - such as allergens, recommended daily dosage and hazard warnings, along with ingredients, manuf­ac­turing information and intended usage - are clear and concise. From peel and reveal options through to spot varnish finishes, our custom printed labels are truly unique, and will speak for themselves in the marketplace.

We’ve created custom printed labels for a whole host of industries, including: health product labels; supplement labels; cosmetic labels; food labels; vape e-liquid labels; chemical labels; automotive and car care labels; makeup labels; hygiene product labels; hazard labels; vitamin labels; food supplement labels, and many more. 

From choosing your label material and label adhesive to creating your label artwork and design, we ensure a smooth process from start to finish, and can even provide press proofs before you make a commitment. 

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Blank Labels

When it comes to blank labels here at Lemur Labels, we certainly know how to turn up the heat. From our thermal transfer labels and thermal direct labels through to our inkjet labels - we can offer clients a range of custom labels for their barcodes, bottling data, shipping labels and best before dates, among varying other uses. Because we also offer a range of personalised label sizes, the rolls can easily fit into your printer should you wish to print your own labels yourself, making your production process more succinct. Should you want your blank labels in certain colours, we also provide a tinting service that covers the full spectrum.

Thermal transfer labels are an extremely popular choice, and have many appli­cations, including bottle labels, jar labels, glass labels and even address labels. They’re also great for food labels too. When it comes to choosing label material, this is dependent on the final use of the labels and your label quality requ­ire­ments. From semi-gloss paper and vellum paper through to silver paper and holographic materials, we have plenty of options, and can guide you through all of them.

Learn more about our blank labels.

Barcode Labels

Nearly every product that goes through the checkout till has a barcode on it - allowing the shop’s checkout system to register the product being bought, its price, modify the quantity on the database and apply any current sales or promotions. Therefore, it’s likely yours does too. Whether you require barcode labels for your retail products such as clothing, homeware or accessories, for use as product identi­fica­tion or as carton barcode labels, then we can work within a range of industry standards to ensure their correct usage. We have extensive experience in this respect, and are also well versed in various barcode standards, including:

  • GTIN13

  • GTIN8s

  • GS1-128s

  • QR Codes

  • Code 128s

  • Code 39s

  • Code 93

Our state-of-the-art Domino K600i inkjet press is perfect for barcode labels - due to its unrivalled operating speeds of up to 200m per minute. It allows for printing on a diverse range of coated and uncoated substrates, including, but not limited to: clear plastic, metallic, gloss and matt paper, ensuring continuity of design. 

Learn more about our barcode labels.

Variable Data Labels

There are so many great uses of variable data labels that we’ve been able to provide our clients with here at Lemur Labels. From serialised barcodes and consecutive number labels through to promotional labels, QR codes and country of origin labelling - there’s a lot of variable data labels that we can create, and even vary them in terms of colour, image and text from one label to the next. 

It may sound like a lot of work, but it’s actually pretty simple. Powered by data in a spreadsheet, we can institute a set of rules to determine when and how to diffe­ren­tiate and print specific label elements. As all of the printing data is stored digitally, we can create a range of labels in the same run with no need to halt the presses. This proves a cost-effective way to produce the highest quality variable data labels in a fraction of the time.

Learn more about our variable data labels.

Black Ink Labels

When clarity is everything, then only black ink labels will do. Using our Domino K600i inkjet press, we can print a whole host of blank ink labels - including those which require multiple variation ingredient labels and language translations for product exports. It can be tough ensuring all of your label information fits perfectly on your product, but with our expertise in labelling design, adhesive labels and industry compliance - we can make it work, regardless of the product’s size and shape. Your clients and customers will be left in no doubt of your candour and commitment to their needs - through the provision of label information that is clear and concise.

Our black ink only labels can be digitally printed on a range of materials - including that which are coated and uncoated. Dependent on the product and/or container, we can recommend best practice, and advise on adhesives too. 

Learn more about our variable data labels

Our Labelling Services:


Label Proofing Services in Manchester

Not sure how your label will look when it’s complete? Don’t want to commit to a design until you’ve seen it in the flesh? We totally understand, and wouldn’t want you to be unhappy with a label that isn’t quite the right pantone, colour or design. Your branded labels should reflect your business, and incorporate all of the key information your customers need to make an informed decision about your product. Therefore at Lemur Labels, we offer an extensive label proofing service that includes:

  • A choice of various materials to determine what works best for the product and its container.

  • A selection of colours to find comple­men­tary tones.

  • Industry regulation checks to ensure provided information is correct, and to identify any missing signal words, instruction and any further labelling requ­ire­ments.

For more information on our proofing service, please click here.


Stunning Label Artwork Design

Custom printed labels would be nothing without artwork that captures your brand’s messages, values and vision, and makes a statement that only your product could. Helping customers to identify your products, well-designed custom printed labels also enhance readability, emphasise label print quality and maintain originality in a crowded marketplace. Labels with a distinctive design also ensure customers can find your products again in the future - making their purchases (and your profita­bility) considerably easier. With our labelling artwork services, you can give your products the attention they deserve.

Our in-house design studio full of expert designers will ensure your custom printed labels contain the correct graphic elements, alignments, typeface and images, as well as barcode stickers and claims if required. Whether you’re after a simplistic design for your makeup brand or imagery of bodybuilders and exercise equipment for your dietary supplements, we’ll work with you to create label artwork that you can be proud of.

For more information on our label artwork service, please click here.


Why Choose Lemur Labels

  • We are labelling experts, specialising in cheap custom printed labels for a huge variety of label market sectors, including: health product labels; dietary supplement labels; bodybuilding labels; makeup labels; food labelling; vape e-liquid labels; automotive and car labels; chemical labels; drinks labels; special offer labels; logo labels. Our in depth knowledge ensures we proof your labels against industry regulations, and can suggest and create bespoke designs that are unique and compelling.

  • From gloss white plastic, matt plastic and silver plastic through to clear plastic, semi-gloss paper and holographic materials, there is no end to the different materials that we can print on. We are always happy to guide our clients on the right materials and adhesives for their products, and should space be a factor, we can advise on alter­natives, such as peel and reseal labels.

  • To ensure the very best in label printing quality and label clarity, we have a superb range of printers for your custom printed label, blank label, barcode label, variable data label and black ink label needs. Our Edale Fl3 flexographic machine is truly state-of-the-art, as is our Truepress Jet L350uv+ digital printer and Domino K600i inkjet press.

  • We understand the frustration that comes with long lead times - and how it can put you off certain labelling companies and label businesses. Therefore, we have a quick turn-around of 3-5 days, which when combined with the quality of our custom printed labels, ensures we provide the best value for money out there.

We love working with such a diverse range of clients, so if your business is located in areas such as Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, London, Cardiff or Glasgow and you’re looking for custom printed labels, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today on 0161 302 1964 to learn more about our custom label printing options